What is a canvas?

A canvas is a piece of cloth that rests on a frame. Painters can create beautiful images with the help of this canvas. In order for the work of these artists to be more distinct, they must pay close attention to the quality of the canvas when buying. Here are some tips to help you get a quality canvas.

There are different types of canvases, which are:

1) Deep canvas: In this type of canvas, the thickness of the wood around the canvas is high. Usually the thickness of the wood in the canvas is deeper than the white canvas.

2) White round canvas: The thickness of wood is normal white round canvases. In round white canvases, unlike ordinary canvases, the punch is behind the work.

3) Ordinary canvases: Ordinary canvases, which are also very common, are canvases whose punch is next to the canvas (not behind it).

The process of making a painting canvas

During the construction of the canvas, the first step is to build the frame. So first you have to determine the dimensions of the canvas. After this, ب canvas frames should be made with the help of dry wood. At this stage, the wood must be completely dry. Otherwise, it will be damaged over time and will lead to the loss of the painting.

In the next step, a suitable fabric must be selected and drawn on the canvas. The fabrics used for painting canvas are generally linen, hemp and canvas. After the fabric is cut to the appropriate dimensions, it is placed on the frame and fixed with a staple.It is after this step that the fabric should be sanded. Sanding is done to remove any imperfections on the surface of the fabric. In this way, we will have a smooth surface.

After completing all the above steps, it is time to line the canvas. This means that the surface of the canvas must be covered with certain materials. Wood or lacquer are among these special materials. This step may be repeated several times. The duration of this work depends on the concentration of materials used as well as the method of priming.

Canvas cloth painting

The types of fabrics that are used as fabrics for canvas are:

     Normal linen fabric
     Super tarpaulin fabric
     Polyester fabric
     Woven sackcloth
     Russian fabric
     Suede fabric
     velvet cloth

Canvas Framework

Canvases that have a frame made of wood can be made in any shape and any scale you can imagine, from rectangles and squares and circles to rhombuses and ovals and any shape you want. In terms of size, the smallest canvases start from 10 cm by 10 cm and the largest size I saw produced in Iran is 150 cm by 200 cm.

Frameless canvases, also called "book canvases", are exactly the same canvas fabric without a frame made of wood; In addition to the ease of movement, you can have a large number of canvases with you at a time, and that you can, after drawing the painting you want on each leaf of these booklets, separate that leaf and place it on the canvas frame, and just like Hang a framed canvas on the wall.

Booklet canvases are usually made of linen only.

I will be happy if you have any questions so I can answer them.