About Fateme

she was born on 1988 in Iran. she  loves to paint since she was a little girl. She started to paint professionally from 2009  and abstract art from 2018. she used original Iranian names for her  works.


2021,Lilit Gallery, Tehran

Selected group exhibitions

2021,Flying Windows, Ayrik Gallery, Tehran

2021, New Generation, Entezami Gallery, Tehran

2021, Fine Arts Exhibition, Next Gallery, Istanbul

2021, Art Quid, France

2021, Barmakh Gallery, Tehran

2021, Time Frame, Tamasha Gallery, Tehran

2021, Time Frame, Atashzad Gallery, Tehran

2021, Galeri Art's, Istanbul

2021, Parsforte, Italy

2021, IAAF, Istanbul

2022, lAAF, Istanbul, 

2022, Life and Art, Philippines 

2022, Protection Of The Environment, Italy


PF PARSFORTE INTERNATIONAL, winter 2021 by Parsforte Publishers, sold out

Catalog, 2021, by TheNaghshehonar Group, sold out


Email: fatemekarimi.art@gmail.com


All artwork is the sole property of Fateme Karimi and is held under  copyright. The images, artwork, and contents of this website may not be  copied, collected, or used for personal or professional gain without  express written permission from the artist. 

If you are interested in any of her artwork you can contact her Email or DM her on Instagram. 9